Workflow for JotForm

Simplify your Workflows with Ease

Creating workflows can transform your business but it doesn’t need to be so complex, costly, or time consuming. Isn’t the whole point of workflow to make your life simple?.

With Workflow for JotForm, you can now easily configure complex, multi-level workflows around multiple JotForms with simplicity.

Here are some of the ways you can use
Workflow for JotForm to streamline productivity:

Leave Request

Vacation Request

Purchase Order

Purchase Approval

Content Approval

Here’s what you can do with Workflow for JotForm to help you maximize your productivity in a scalable, repeatable way:

Tackle Single and Multi-level Approvals

Want complex decision making to flow logically and quickly in your organization? With Workflow for JotForm, you can configure several levels of approval with multiple approvers with just a few clicks.

Command your Workflow from Slack and Email

Does your team still communicate through carrier pigeon or telegram? Probably not. Your entire workflow will be embedded in email or Slack. This way you can submit or sign off on requests from a plane, passenger seat, or poolside.

Build Consensus with Threaded Comments

Keep the conversation going. Each of your team members bring unique skills and abilities to the table — keep them in the loop to make more informed decisions. Build consensus by passing comments from one reviewer to another.

Identify Bottlenecks with the Workflow History Log

Ever wonder what’s taking so long on a project? Don’t depend on your gut. Leverage data by going straight to the source, where you can visualize your workflow history to see how work is really done in your organization.

Improve and grow by analyzing your Workflow Data

Do you know which of your business processes are more efficient than others? Create custom reports with your workflow data to find out. Spark a cycle of continuous learning and improvement to perpetually grow your organization through analytics.

Embrace Agility with One-Click Reassignment

Does everything at your organization always go according to plan? No comment? No problem. Re-assign a request to another team member in one click to gain an extra opinion, delegate a decision, or sidestep the challenges that arise outside of your established processes.

Spend more time on what you do best. The world needs more of what you and your team create. Focus on your vision while Workflow for Jotform keeps tabs on the details.
You’re a few clicks away from setting up your first Workflow for JotForm!