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Yes you can, just type the email address and select it or press enter, you can also do this with the receiver field.

No. Each approval request starts with one approver. However, this initial approver can reassign the request to multiple approvers, it just has to be one at a time.

Yes. You can start with an Email approval that then triggers a Slack approval or vice versa.

No. Workflow for Jotform is a separate service that is created on the ProcessMaker workflow technology. ProcessMaker builds workflow solutions for a variety of industries including for Software ISVs.

Yes, after you click APPROVE or REJECT you will always be directed to a page to add comments if you want to add comments before the decision gets routed to the next user.

Yes, you can use your JotForm field values both in the subject line of the email messages and in the body of the email messages that get triggered.

All buttons can be renamed so that they say anything you want them to say. You might want a button to say ESCALATE instead of REASSIGN, for example.

A multi-level approval is a series of simple approval actions that get chained together. By chaining simple approval actions together, the result of one approval can trigger the start of another approval. You can design multi-level approvals so that if a user clicks on APPROVE in one approval action it starts one approval while if the user clicks on REJECT in the approval action is might start a completely different approval action. Multi-level approvals can only be setup in the BASIC and PRO plans.

Some browsers may block third party cookies, you must allow them, on chrome click on the lock icon on the url bar, select Cookies, on the tab Blocked, select and and click on allow, this should resolve the issue.